Service Opportunities

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Telephone Hotline (after hours):
Hotline answers calls from members and others who need help on anything from meeting times information to personal support to referral to our 12 step volunteers.

Public Information/Cooperation with the Professional Community (PI/CPC):
Public Information presents information about what AA is and what AA isn’t to interested organizations such as drunk driving schools, high schools and health fairs.  CPC makes an effort to inform professionals who routinely deal with active alcoholics, such as doctors, lawyers, judges and policemen, about the AA program. Some training is required.

Special Events Planning Committee:
East Bay Intergroup produces several annual events during the year, All Groups Day, Gratitude Night, New Years Eve Party, etc.  Many hands are needed to host and coordinate the event.

12 Step Volunteer:
Sober members of AA volunteer to speak to and to meet with alcoholics who have contacted our Hotline to reach out for help.  Some training/reminding is required.

* Front desk
* Assemble meeting directories

E-mail Helpline:
Members volunteer to respond to emails sent in through our website “helpline”.

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