March 2023 Intergroup Scoop

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PRAASA Conference March 3-5 in Los Angeles

The 56th Pacific Region Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly (PRAASA) will be held March 3-5 in Los Angeles. The purpose of PRAASA is to develop greater unity among members, group and Areas of the Pacific Region. Topics discussed are particularly relevant to those involved in General Service at the District or Area levels, but all A.A. members are welcome and encouraged to attend.
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Pre-Conference Assembly - April 1-2, in Richmond

General Service Representatives from all over the Northern California Coastal Area will gather to give their group consciences to the delegate on the topics of the year. (And the free lunch is always good.) This is open to all. Come see how your voice is heard at the Conference in New York. The Area Pre-Conference Assembly will be held April 1-2 at The Veterans Memorial Hall, 968 23rd St, Richmond 94804. Click here for flyer.

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March Intergroup Scoop

AA Newsletter

Notes from Intergroup meeting held February 15, 2023

Bookstore Computer: Funds of up to $800 were approved to replace the computer in the Bookstore.
Dolores T. Unanimously Elected as Newcomer's Chair - see below for service positions needed.
Status of Intergroup Group Inventory: Still to be decided: scheduling of the inventory, who may participate, facilitator, and questions.
Financial Report: EBI took in approximately $7,000 in 7th tradition contributions and approximately $3,000 from the bookstore in January. After expenses, there is a net balance of $1,622. Click here for financial reports.

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Welcome Juan R. Rosie M. and Leela R. to the Newsletter Team

Leela R. joins team members Mary M., Dan M. and Nancy B. on the editorial/production team. Leela's home group is the Rockridge Fellowship 10:30 am meeting, in person, on Tuesdays.

Juan R. and Rosie M. joined the new outreach team to help spread the word about the Scoop. Juan lives in Argentina and attends East Bay Intergroup meetings …

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We still need staff — see below under Service Opportunities.

May You Find God Whenever?

By Chava M.

But let’s never forget that our meetings are really emergency rooms... A newcomer’s first meeting might be their last chance.

At meetings lately I hear: “I wish you a slow recovery.” Will someone please tell me what that means? I send a “Get well soon” card to a sick friend. If someone had sent me a “Get well slowly” card when I was in the hospital in agonizing pain, I might have chucked both the card and … Read more

The 3rd Step, Tradition, and Concept

Each month we focus on the Step, Tradition and Concept of the month, and provide a quote from Bill W.

Tradition 3

"At last experience taught us that to take away any alcoholic's full chance was sometimes to pronounce his death sentence."

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Heard in a Meeting: If you’re deep into your own thoughts...

Heard in a Meeting: If you’re deep into your own thoughts...

If you’re deep into your own thoughts, you’re behind enemy lines.
So many of the things I’m grateful for is stuff I never thought I wanted.
A.A. is a million dollar program shoved up your...

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Chatline Chair Open: Contact outgoing Chair Zach O. at if you are interested in finding out more.

Chatline Volunteers Needed: If you would like to volunteer for one of the open slots, please see the Chatline page.

Intergroup Scoop Newsletter - Editorial/Production assistance needed. Contact

Newcomer's Meeting Volunteers Needed for the Sunday 7pm Newcomer's meeting and other Newcomer's Meetings. Click here for meeting information. Contact Dolores at to volunteer.

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