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Alcoholism Recovery Program

Test your A.A. knowledge!

  1. What was Bill’s nickname for Dr. Bob?

a) Doc B

b) The Prince of Twelfth Steppers

c) My better half

d) Bobby

2. Which of these methods to control drinking is not mentioned in the Big Book?

a) Putting whisky into milk and drinking it on a full stomach

b) Drinking only on odd-numbered days

c) Taking a solemn oath

d) Never having it in the house

3. What is the deadline for submitting stories for the 5th edition of the Big Book?

a) October 31, 2022

b) December 31, 2022

c) January 15, 2023

d) There is no deadline, it’s open until the quota is met

4. Which of the following is the correct full title of the first edition of the  Big Book?

a) Alcoholics Anonymous: The Definitive Guide to Recovery from Alcoholism

b) Alcoholics Anonymous: A Tale of Introspection and Abstinence

c) Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How More Than One Hundred Men Have Recovered from Alcoholism

d) Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of Bill Wilson


5. If an A.A. meeting is designated as an “Open Meeting”, what does that mean? 

a) The meeting is only open to those who have a desire to stop drinking

b) The meeting allows open discussion about any A.A.-related topic

c) The meeting is open to everyone, including nonalcoholics

d) The meeting is open to a guest speaker and topics related to the guest speaker’s story

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