Test your A.A. knowledge!

  1. How many times does the word “sponsor” occur in the original text of the Big Book?

a) 38

b) 3

c) 17

d) 0

2. What is the current address of A.A.’s General Service Office (in NYC)?

a) 468 Park Avenue South

b) 475 Riverside Drive

c) 307 7th Avenue

d) 220 West Houston Street 

3. Which of the following statements about Alcoholics Anonymous’ International Convention is false?

a) The convention is held once every 5 years.

b) The next convention will be held in Toronto, Ontario.

c) The convention marks the anniversary of Bill W.’s first meeting with Dr. Bob and the birth of A.A. in 1935.

d) A highlight of the event is the traditional flag ceremony to celebrate sobriety worldwide.

4. What is the name of the international journal of Alcoholics Anonymous?

a) The Buzz

b) Seeds of Service

c) The AA Bugle

d) The AA Grapevine

5. What is the URL for East Bay Intergroup (Central Office)?

a) EBIntergroup.org

b) EBScoop.org

c) Eastbayaa.org

d) Centraloffice.org

Stumped? Answers here.

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