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Alcoholism Recovery Program

Test your A.A. knowledge!

  1. Of the following famous A.A.s, whose date of sobriety predated the founding of A.A.?

a)  Dr. Bob

b) Bill W.

c) Bill D.

d) Jimmy K. 

2. Which of the following titles is not an A.A. publication?

a) Living Sober

b) Daily Reflections

c) Came to Believe

d) The Four Agreements 

3. What is Rule #62 in the A.A. program?

a) Always practice rigorous honesty

b) Don’t take yourself too damn seriously 

c) Put your sobriety first

d) Only go to meetings that have good coffee

4. According to the 12 x 12, who is the 11th step prayer attributed to (“Lord, make me a channel of thy peace…”)?

a) Mother Teresa

b) Joan of Arc

c) St. Francis of Assisi

d) The Dalai Lama

5. Which of the following popular sayings is not an A.A. saying?

a) You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

b) Let go and let God

c) Nothing changes if nothing changes

d) Keep it simple, stupid 

Stumped? Answers here.

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