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Alcoholism Recovery Program

Test your A.A. knowledge!

  1. Which of these chapters was included in the first edition of the Big Book, but was later excluded in the subsequent editions?

a)  “The Vicious Cycle” 

b) “Fear Of Fear”

c) “Freedom From Bondage”

d) “The Unbeliever”

2. One of AA’s biggest bursts of early publicity came in 1940, when a certain businessman and philanthropist gave a dinner for New York A-listers in order to publicize AA’s mission. Who was the businessman?

a) John Hopkins

b) John D. Rockefeller Jr. 

c) Julius Rosenwald

d) Henry Ford

3. Who was the third member of A.A.?

a) Martin R.

b) Bill D.

c) Dr. Bob

d) Henry P.

4. How many “Steps” did the early form of A.A. have in 1935?

a) 12, of course!

b) 9

c) 10

d) 6

5. Which actor played the title role of Bill Wilson in the 1989 Hallmark Hall of Fame film My Name Is Bill W.?

a) James Garner 

b) James Woods

c) Tom Selleck

d) Michael Landon 

Stumped? Answers here.

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