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Alcoholism Recovery Program

by Nancy B.

How did you hear about the position and what made you decide to take it?

I heard it announced in a meeting and knew the Chair, Mary M. I’d been “laid off” my marketing contractor job in March of 2020, and thought I’d be able to contribute, as it was similar work. Turns out I like to work and this helped fill the void.

What are the responsibilities of the position?

I started as Subscription Manager and we all grew to wear many hats. I do the Heard in a Meeting feature, sometimes solicit stories or service profiles, and edit the email blurbs. We all do content planning, WordPress posting and edit review.

What do you like most about it?

As a marketing geek, I like to look at the stats and see which posts work best, how we’re doing subscriber numbers-wise and how to get a better open rate. I also like reaching out to members to invite them to contribute, and getting to read all the stories. Putting in the graphics is fun too.

Have there been any surprises?

Well, it was quite surprising when we went to produce the September issue and discovered most of the past emails did not survive the transition to the new website, requiring a lot of extra work, and also that (more or less, and eventually) I could take it in stride. But equally surprising was that I’m still in the position 2 years later, and how fun it’s been working with the team. 

It’s also surprising more people don’t want to be on the team, in fact, we have an opening and I’d be happy to discuss it with anyone interested. Email newsletter@eastbayaa.org

Have there been any opportunities for growth?

Haha – this is code for, “Have there been any challenges that make you wish you’d never taken the position?” (I know, because I came up with this question). Of course there have been—every job or service position will have some bumps or low points. I’ve learned not to take it personally if people don’t sign up when I announce it. That setting boundaries is better than being resentful. And that working with a team of alcoholics, all of whom are working a strong program, has contributed to my sobriety in a way for which I am most grateful.

Nancy B. considers both the Rockridge Fellowship 10:30am Zoom meeting Monday-Friday and Safe Haven, Sundays at 5:30pm on Zoom, to be her home groups.