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Alcoholism Recovery Program

By Jake G.

Thank You for Sharing is a Grapevine book dealing with life within the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. From 1945 to 2000, members share their experience, strength, and opinion on changes and controversies within the fellowship.

Topics include: 

The statement “Is A.A. going ‘the way of all flesh?’ I begin to think so…” written by O.R. in February of 1948 seems to suggest that these debates haven’t killed A.A. yet. It’s a fun read, including all the joys of encountering different perspectives with none of the chairs being thrown.

The authors describe putting A.A. into action—in the practice of the principles and application of the traditions, and as our fellowship continues to grow under the authority of a loving God as He may express Himself in our collective group conscience. 

This book may be purchased on sale through April at the East Bay Intergroup Bookstore.

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