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BACK IN STOCK AT THE BOOKSTORE                                                                by Jenny M.

Emotional Sobriety                                                                                                            Price: $14

Emotional Sobriety is back in stock at the EBI Bookstore! This is a collection of inspirational stories submitted to Grapevine magazine over the past several decades, that reflect member experiences with how the 12 steps have transformed their lives.

Emotional Sobriety II                                                                                              Price: $14

Emotional Sobriety II is also back in stock! This is the second set of essays submitted to  the Grapevine, that speak to Bill W.’s concept of emotional sobriety, which he described as “the development of much more real maturity and balance (which is to say, humility)” in a person’s interactions, relations, and affairs.

Voices of Women in AA: Stories of Experience, Strength, and Hope Price: $14

This book provides a great history of the women who helped shape AA from its inception through the present day. The book includes chapters on family, relationships, careers, sponsorship, spirituality, life changes, and women’s meetings.



Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book  – 75th Anniversary Commemorative Edition                                                                                               Sale Price: $12.00

Our Great Responsibility – A Selection of Bill W.’s Conference Talks 1951-1970                                                                                                                  Sale Price $12.00

The Co-Founders of AA, Dr. Bob & Bill W. Facsimiles of Special Grapevine Editions: Dr. Bob, January 1951 and Bill W., March 1971                                                                                                                                    Sale Price: $6.00

The Grapevine, Volume 1, No. 1, June 1944                                                    Sale Price: $3.00   

Please read last month’s story A Few Gems Available at the Bookstore by Rebecca W. about our January Sale books. These titles include wonderful descriptions, fun anecdotes, and amusing quotes from each book. Issue 1.-December 2020 



Put your pen to paper to help another alcoholic!

Are you interested in spreading the AA message to members who are currently incarcerated? The Corrections Correspondence program is in need of AA members on the “outside” to correspond with AA members in correctional facilities across the U.S. and Canada. Additional information is here and a sign-up form is here

If you are interested in reading stories from members who are incarcerated, check out the AA World Services publication, Sharing from Behind These Walls.