Here’s the latest on what’s happening at East Bay Intergroup:

Notes from the January monthly Intergroup meeting held on January 19.

New Chair and Board Member

The meeting began with no chair or agenda. Carol Z. volunteered to lead the meeting with the agenda from the December meeting as a guide. She did such an outstanding job that participants asked her if she could be available for the permanent position.  She agreed, was duly nominated and unanimously elected.

Later in the meeting, James R. was nominated and unanimously elected to the Board of Directors. After James, there is now only one more Board position to fill. The Nominating Committee has submitted a candidate for the Board to consider at their next meeting.

Alex P., the Events Coordinator, is leaving the area and will have to step down. That service position is now available.

Volunteers for Hotline Shifts are Needed!

There are two shifts that Hotline Chair, Ipeleng, is trying to fill. These are: Sunday 3-6pm, Tuesday 2am – 6am. If you want a real opportunity to be of service to the alcoholic who still suffers,  contact Ipeleng at

December Financials

Group Contributions DecemberIntergroup took in $2,796.76 in 7th tradition contributions for December.  This is down significantly from recent months.

Profit and Loss December The net profit for December was $1,410.77

All Financial Reports

The next EBI Business Meeting is February 16.

As always, groups are encouraged to elect and send an Intergroup Rep (IGR) to the monthly meetings. Individuals are welcome to attend, but only elected IGRs may vote.

How to Update Your Meeting Listing

If your meeting is changing from online to in-person (or hybrid), you may submit an update on the Meeting Update page.

If you have questions, contact the Office Administrator, Belle, at


East Bay Intergroup Service Opportunities


Chatline and Hotline Have Open Shifts That Need Filling!

If you’d like to volunteer for the Chatline, email Chatline Coordinator Zach at

 If you would like to volunteer for a shift on the Hotline, contact Hotline Chair Ipeleng at

Sponsors Needed for Inmates at San Quentin Prison (Men Only)

Men with 5 years of sobriety who are interested in sponsoring an inmate at San Quentin, please call Max V. at 510-461-6611.

Bridging the Gap

BTG helps  alcoholics leaving institutions transition into A.A.  on the “outside”. If you can help, and wish to do this important service, contact 

There are many opportunities for unique service positions at East Bay Intergroup. You can find full details here: