The East Bay Intergroup Bookstore is open at the Rockridge Fellowship at 3989 Howe Street in Oakland (enter on 40th Street Way).

We have a COVID-19 safe set-up in the Courtyard (or Garden Room if it’s raining). Please wear a mask and practice social distancing when you visit!

Bookstore hours are:                                                                                              Monday 5pm-8pm, Wednesday 11am-2pm, and Saturday 11am-3pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

On Sale Through February 2021:

One Big Tent: Atheist and Agnostic AA Members Share Their Experience, Strength, and Hope Sale Price $12 (Regular $14)









Spiritual Awakenings: Journeys of the Spirit                                                      Sale Price $12 (Regular $14)









Spiritual Awakenings II: More Journeys of the Spirit                                  Sale Price $12 (Regular $14)









Came to Believe                                                                                                                  Sale Price $6 (Regular $8)