24 Hour Helpline   510-839-8900 English       510-502-8560 Espanol      Helplines are staffed 24/7 by A.A. member volunteers who have solved their drinking problem.

Alcoholism Recovery Program

Here’s the latest on what’s happening at East Bay Intergroup:

New Service Chairs Elected, Service Positions Needed to be Filled, What’s Happening with the Lease—and more.

What’s New

Chatline and Hotline Positions Filled — Opportunities for Service Available

The Chatline on the EBI website is up and running, and Lynn Mc. will serve as its first Chatline Coordinator. If you’d like to volunteer for the Chatline, email Belle at officeadministrator@eastbayaa.org

Ipeleng K. has been elected the new Hotline Chair. If you would like to volunteer for a shift on the A.A. Hotline, contact Ipeleng at phonechair@eastbayaa.org

Nominating Committee – 2 positions open

Help find candidates to fill the five Service Board positions as board members rotate off.  https://eastbayaa.org/nominating-committee/ For questions or if interested in this service, contact Steve C., Intergroup Office Coordinator: Email: officecoordinator@eastbayaa.org Call: 510-220-6710

New Meeting Grid Includes Virtual and In-Person Meetings

Now, everything is in one place. Use this page: https://eastbayaa.org/meetings

Ongoing Issues

East Bay Intergroup (EBI) Bylaws are Being Revised

Action: Intergroup Reps (IGRs) will be reviewing the revised EBI bylaws with their groups and bringing the feedback to Intergroup in the May meeting (May 19).  Bylaws Summary

You can view them here: Link to Draft Bylaws

Central Office Lease Issue – Discussion Continues

Background: As of May 31st of last year, East Bay Intergroup vacated the Washington Street space (breaking the lease), due to decreased contributions and an inability to continue paying rent. Negotiations with the landlord were unsuccessful; there is now a court case pending, and EBI has hired a lawyer.

Three Town Halls were held in February and March to review this issue with members, and an Ad Hoc Lease Committee was formed. The Committee has reported to the Board and to the EBI business meeting. Discussion continues. A court date is expected this summer. Find updated summary here: Summary Lease

For questions or more information, please email lease@eastbayaa.org.

Paycheck Protection Program Loan – Should EBI Keep the Money or Return It?

Background: Intergroup applied for and received a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan in April 2020 in the amount of $13,750. This is a government loan, designed to help small organizations cover payroll in the pandemic. The money is sitting in a separate bank account.

Action: IGRs will be asking group members for feedback (approval to use the money or return it) and reporting on the feedback in the May IGR meeting. 

Sponsors Needed for Inmates at San Quentin Prison (Men Only)

Men with 5 years of sobriety who are interested in sponsoring an inmate at San Quentin are needed. Please call Max V. at 510-461-6611.

East Bay Intergroup Service Opportunities

There are many opportunities for unique service positions at East Bay Intergroup. Full details here: https://eastbayaa.org/service-opportunities/

Positions on the Beginners Committee

Graphic artist to further the utility of the landing page; Back-up Zoom Hosts for the Tuesday Beginner Meeting; Newcomer Greeters; Sponsors

Special Events Chair & Volunteers Needed

Special Events Chair (Board position) – Plan and present Special Events that include Town Halls, Service Workshops, Trivia Games—your ideas welcome! (One year commitment).

Public Information Committee Needs:

Social Media Coordinator for Oakland Intergroup; Lead for Public Service Announcements (PSAs), neighborhood groups, applications media; Coordinator Lead for K-12 education; Video Creation Team Lead;  Advertising Lead; Internet.

Cooperation with the Professional Community Committee Needs:

Professional Sector Point People; Research Assistance; Outreach Helpers; Speakers; Diversity Coordinators

Be a Service Sponsor

Provide support to those who wish to learn more about service in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Find out more about these positions here: https://eastbayaa.org/service-opportunities/