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Alcoholism Recovery Program

Here’s the latest on what’s happening at East Bay Intergroup:

Vote Taken on PPP Loan at May Meeting – Motion to Return Fails, Motion to Let Board Decide Passes

At the May Intergroup meeting the group reps voted on whether or not the PPP loan taken out last year should be returned (you can find background here).

A majority voted in favor of returning the loan, however, it was not enough to achieve a substantial majority of two thirds, and the motion failed. A new motion to allow the board to make the decision was made and voted on. It passed with substantial unanimity.

New Proposed East Bay Intergroup (EBI) Bylaws to be Voted on at June meeting (June 16) 

Intergroup Reps (IGRs) are continuing to  review the revised EBI bylaws with their groups and will bring the feedback to Intergroup at the June meeting (June 16).   

See Bylaws Summary

 Link to Draft Bylaws

East Bay Intergroup Service Opportunities

NEW – Chatline volunteers are needed for Tues 6-10 pm and Fri 2-6 pm.  

If you’d like to volunteer for the Chatline, email Chatline Coordinator Lynn Mc. at chatline@eastbayaa.org

If you would like to volunteer for a shift on the A.A. Hotline, contact Ipeleng at phonechair@eastbayaa.org

Sponsors Needed for Inmates at San Quentin Prison (Men Only)

Men with 5 years of sobriety who are interested in sponsoring an inmate at San Quentin are needed. Please call Max V. at 510-461-6611.

Nominating Committee – 2 positions open

Help find candidates to fill the five Service Board positions as board members rotate off.  https://eastbayaa.org/nominating-committee/ For questions or if interested in this service, contact Steve C., Intergroup Office Coordinator: 510-220-6710 or email officecoordinator@eastbayaa.org 

Special Events Chair Needed

Special Events Chair (Board position) – Plan and present Special Events that include Town Halls, Service Workshops, Trivia Games—your ideas welcome! One year commitment. Find out more here: https://eastbayaa.org/service-opportunities/

There are many opportunities for unique service positions at East Bay Intergroup. Full details here: https://eastbayaa.org/service-opportunities/