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Alcoholism Recovery Program

While many meetings are going back to in-person, there are still many members that feel more comfortable on Zoom.

Here is a favorite:

Great Facts Speaker Meeting (7pm Eastern; 4pm Pacific) M-Sun.

Zoom ID: 635 148 435. /   PC: 232 167

This meeting was started by one person when meetings closed down in March 2020. He served as secretary 7 days a week, until  each day got its own secretary. The meeting attracts approx.  400-500 daily.

In January of this year, attendance was often close to 700 (all those alkies getting sober at the beginning of the year).

Birthdays are celebrated at the beginning—from days to months to years. Their 7th tradition language is really nice. The speaker talks for about 35-40 minutes. The promises are read at the end and the speaker selects a prayer of their choice to close (which happens often to be the Lord’s Prayer).

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