24 Hour Helpline   510-839-8900 English       510-502-8560 Espanol      Helplines are staffed 24/7 by A.A. member volunteers who have solved their drinking problem.

Alcoholism Recovery Program
Service Keeps Us Sober!

East Bay Intergroup is looking for a Hotline Chair for the 24-hour Hotline. Many members’ first encounter with A.A. is through the Hotline.

The Hotline shifts are divided into 4 hour increments and the calls are routed to either the volunteer’s mobile or land line number.

When on shift, staffers give out meeting info, share their own experience, strength and hope with the still-suffering alcoholic, and answer any questions about A.A.

Hotline Chair responsibilities include:

• The main responsibility is to make sure that each and every shift is staffed. This includes ensuring continuity between shifts, keeping track of open shifts that need filling, and sometimes covering shifts when no one else steps up.

• Other responsibilities include: counseling Hotline volunteers on calls they receive, assisting volunteers on tech issues when necessary, routing 12th step calls to 12th step volunteers

If you are interested in becoming Hotline Chair, or if you’d like to serve on a Hotline shift:

Contact Interim (and former) Hotline Chair Paul S. at helpline@eastbayaa.org

See Paul’s Service Profile