By Bonnie M.

Bonnie M. has served as co-secretary for the Thursday 10:30am Rockridge Fellowship Daily Reflections meeting since September 2020. After 6 months, she suggested she turn over the position; the group unanimously agreed that she continue through the end of the term.

How did you hear about the position and what made you decide to take it?

I became aware of the openings for service at a Rockridge Daily Reflections meeting in the fall of 2020 when a few younger and very tech savvy members had taken on the onerous task of making Zoom meetings possible for all the rest of us.  I also felt at almost 75 that I needed to expand my own participation. I originally volunteered to learn the host duties, but became co-secretary instead.

What are the responsibilities of the position?

I am grateful to say that by the time I volunteered, the meeting was shifting from one person doing all the tasks to a setup that now encourages many to assume individual roles and work as a team. It allows the Secretary to focus on running the meeting only. I was blessed by many who volunteered to support and guide me in my adventure with Zoom meetings. It was a huge leap of faith for me. My blood pressure soared each meeting for many weeks. Eventually it proved once again that the fellowship supports us in ways that are astonishing—and perfect.  And my fellows are very forgiving…

What do you like most about it?

I really enjoy being of service and being active in AA.  Meeting new people, seeing friends and reading literature that is so inspiring helps me grow my program. It creates the sense of family and safety that so many of us have lost during the pandemic. One of the great gifts is welcoming newcomers and providing additional support for them and others. My co-hosts have been stellar, posting relevant info in the chat each week, so that I can focus on running the meeting.

Have there been any opportunities for growth?

I am aware that keeping my program green after decades of sobriety is the most important aspect of staying sober each day, passing it on and living a life of joy and peace. It was critical during the turbulent and frustrating challenges of this last year. It’s clear to me that the process of letting go while showing up is an invaluable win-win for me. It grows my gratitude, my humility for sober living and my compassion for recovering alcoholics. Thanks to all who made this possible.