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Alcoholism Recovery Program
Each month we focus on the Step, Tradition, and Concept of the month, and provide a quote from Bill W. This is a quick and easy way to learn about these important pillars of the program.


Step 10

Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.

We are not cured of alcoholism. What we really have is a daily reprieve contingent on the maintenance of our spiritual condition. Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 85


Tradition 10

Alcoholics Anonymous has no opinion on outside issues; hence the A.A. name ought never be drawn into public controversy.

As if by some deep instinct, we A.A.’s have known from the very beginning that we must never, no matter what the provocation, publicly take sides in any fight, even a worthy one. All history affords us the spectacle of striving nations and groups finally torn asunder because they were designed for, or tempted into, controversy.

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, p. 176

Concept 10

Every service responsibility should be matched by an equal service authority, with the scope of such authority well defined.

In our structure we have tried to create at each level accurate definitions of authority and responsibility. We have done this by (a) legal means, (b) by traditional means, and (c) by principles under which doubtful and seemingly or really conflicting situations can be interpreted and readily resolved.

Twelve Concepts for World Service, p. 42