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Alcoholism Recovery Program

The East Bay Intergroup (EBI) Newsletter welcomes written pieces by members of East Bay A.A. groups. Share your experience, strength, and hope and remember—it’s service!

Submit your story to: newsletter@eastbayaa.org

Topic suggestions:

– How you worked a specific step

– A service position you hold or have held, and how you grew from it

– A favorite slogan and how it’s helped you

– Your experience with sponsorship (either as a sponsee or sponsor)

– Your favorite meeting and why

– Any other topic that relates to alcoholism, sobriety, A.A. or your recovery

EBI Newletter Submission Guidelines

– Story lengths may be up to (no more than) 500 words.

– We reserve the right to edit for typos, length, grammar, or clarity (though we want to retain your individual “voice” telling the story).

– Your story may be posted on social media sites such as Facebook in Fellowship or similar recovery groups. 

– Stories should be in alignment with A.A. Traditions.

We look forward to receiving your submission and thank you for your service.

Questions? Email us at newsletter@eastbayaa.org