The East Bay Intergroup (EBI) Newsletter welcomes written pieces by members of East Bay A.A. groups. Share your experience, strength, and hope and remember—it’s service!

Submit your story to:

Topic suggestions:

– How you worked a specific step

– A service position you hold or have held, and how you grew from it

– A favorite slogan and how it’s helped you

– Your experience with sponsorship (either as a sponsee or sponsor)

– Your favorite meeting and why

– Any other topic that relates to alcoholism, sobriety, A.A. or your recovery

EBI Newletter Submission Guidelines

– Story lengths may be up to (no more than) 500 words.

– We reserve the right to edit for typos, length, grammar, or clarity (though we want to retain your individual “voice” telling the story).

– Your story may be posted on social media sites such as Facebook in Fellowship or similar recovery groups. 

– Stories should be in alignment with A.A. Traditions.

We look forward to receiving your submission and thank you for your service.

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