September 2022

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National A.A. Technology Workshop - Sept. 9 - 11 In-Person in Seattle, WA and Online

National A.A. Technology Workshop Sept 9 - 11
The Workshop is an annual event that provides a place to share ideas, connect with other A.A.s interested in technology, and bring these ideas back to our respective local areas. Registration: In-Person $75; Online $25 For more info and to register:

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Sand Castle Contest - September 10, 12 pm – 4 pm Crown Memorial Beach, Alameda

Sand Castle Contest - Sept. 10, Crown Memorial Beach, Alameda
WACYPAA (Western Area Conference of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous) presents a Sand Castle Contest from 12 pm – 4pm at Crown Memorial Beach in Alameda. $15 Donation and lunch is included! Bring your own tools.
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Call for Stories Deadline for 5th Edition of Big Book & Black & African-American Pamphlet - both due October 31

Deadlines are fast approaching for submission of stories for both the 5th Edition of the Big Book and the "A.A. for the Black and African-American Alcoholic" pamphlet. Read more

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Service Profile: Chatline Chair

by Zachary O-M

But the true benefit of doing this position is that I get to help those who maybe too afraid to call and/or go to meetings or don’t have access to in-person meetings.

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A.A. Quiz - Are You in the Loop?

A.A. Trivia Quiz - September
What does IGR stand for?
a) Instant Gratitude Reaction
b) I Grow Rapidly
c) Inner Gifts of Reading (A.A. literature)
d) Intergroup Rep

What is Stepping Stones?
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The 9th Step, Tradition, and Concept

The 9th Step, Tradition, and Concept
Each month we focus on a Step, Tradition, and Concept, and provide a quote from Bill W.

Step 9 - Above all we should try to be absolutely sure that we are not delaying because we are afraid. For the readiness...

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Heard in a Meeting: If you're coasting...

Heard in a Meeting: If you're coasting...
A collection of some of the witty, wise, and wacky things heard in meetings.

My God box is becoming so full, pretty soon it will be a God crate.

My sponsor had me doing so much service...
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September Intergroup Scoop

AA Newsletter
• Two Board Members are rotating out of their positions at the end of the year and applications/nominations for Treasurer and Secretary are being accepted

• New website is live!

• Good month at the Bookstore!

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Bridging the Gap - Get Involved - Meets 2nd Thursday of Month

Bridging the Gap

2nd Thursday
Bridging the Gap (BTG) helps alcoholics leaving a correctional or treatment facility make the transition to A.A. Join us 2nd Thursday of the month from 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm to find out how to get involved.
Zoom ID: 898 0592 4119. PC: 576 335
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Find local A.A. meetings online and in-person.
Call our 24 hour helpline (510) 839-8900 • En Español (510) 502-8560

Bookstore is located at 3989 Howe Street, Oakland, CA 94611 (at the side entrance), and is open Wednesday 11 am – 2 pm, and Saturday 11 am – 3 pm.

Newsletter team: Mary M, Dan M, Nancy B, Caitlin W
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