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Alcoholism Recovery Program
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Service Opportunities

By our Twelve Steps we have recovered, by our Twelve Traditions we have unified, and through our Third Legacy -- Service -- we shall carry the AA message down through the corridors of time to come.

The primary purpose of East Bay Intergroup
is to help inform the greater community about A.A. and alcoholism so that those who need help can find recovery from alcoholism.
Eastbay Intergroup is an organization created and sustained by A.A. groups in the San Francisco East Bay.

Member Support Means the World to the Still Suffering Alcoholic…..

Service Committees
Giving Back What Was Freely Given

East Bay Intergroup has many opportunities to provide valuable service, that allows the hand of Alcoholics Anonymous to always be there.

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Telephone Helpline Volunteer

Telephone Helpline volunteers provide help to the suffering alcoholic by staffing shifts on our 24/7 phone line. Providing information to those with a drinking problem or those looking to get help for a loved one.

12-Step Volunteer

12-Step Volunteers provide a rapid response to callers to our
24-hour Hotline or Chat Line.
Twelfth Step Calls today are no different than they were in 1935. They are still two or more alcoholics coming together to have a conversation with a newcomer about recovery from alcoholism. Carrying the message to the newcomer be it face to face or virtually, the message remains the same.

Chatline Responder

Chatline volunteers respond to queries on our website. Volunteers provide help to the suffering alcoholic by staffing shifts on the Chatline or providing information to those with a drinking problem as well as assisting AA members and visitors to the East Bay website.

Newcomer's Committee

The Newcomer's Committee promotes access to the program of Alcoholics Anonymous for anyone who has a desire to stop drinking. Their function is to work with beginner's meetings to educate the newcomer on the history, recovery program, structure, and entities within Alcoholics Anonymous.

Special Events Committee

The Special Events Committee: Responsible for workshops, virtual events, special events, annual events. Many hands are needed to host and coordinate the events, encouraging Unity in action and participation in Intergroup by the AA members in our community.
Help bring some fun and unity to the recovery community.

P.I./C.P.C. Committee

The Public Information (P.I.) Committee members in AA have the responsibility of carrying the message of recovery to the still-suffering alcoholic by informing the general public about the alcoholism and the AA program.

The Cooperation with the Professional Community (C.P.C.) Committee helps to inform professional communities about the A.A. program of recovery— what A.A. is and how it works.

Intergroup Representative

The responsibility for maintaining the existence of the East Bay Intergroup (EBI) rests with the groups. Therefore, each Group should name an Intergroup Representative (IGR) and an Alternate (Alt-IGR) to serve a specified term as the connecting link between their Group and EBI.

The IGR’s help best direct the actions of EBI and its primary purpose, carrying the message of recovery to the community

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee is responsible for finding qualified board candidates. Qualifications to be considered, experience with nonprofit or for profit boards, business management, executive positions, accounting, communications, a basic understanding of the AA Traditions and Concepts.

EBI Chair

Facilitates the monthly EBI Business Meeting and the monthly EBI Committee Chairs’ Meeting. The EBI Chair attends the monthly EBI Board of Directors Meeting. The EBI Chair works on projects to improve cohesive interaction and communications between EBI and A.A. Group members in Districts 07/70.

Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap committee members help alcoholics leaving a correctional or treatment facility become acquainted with AA and attend AA meetings in their community. Bridging the Gap helps the newcomer make the transition from institution to the AA community.

EBI Board of Directors

East Bay Intergroup is a 501c3 tax-exempt, nonprofit organization. Its Board of six (6) Directors is responsible for the legal and financial operations of the organization, management of paid staff, and oversight of the EBI Service Board. The Board is made up of AA service members who care for the financial side of Central Office to enable the Service Committee's the freedom to help carry the message.

Service Sponsorship

A Service Sponsor is an alcoholic in recovery who shares their service experience with an alcoholic who takes a service commitment in one of the many service entities within Alcoholics Anonymous.
Service sponsors serve as a guide when starting new service positions as well as help explain the service structure of AA.

Bookstore Volunteer

The East Bay Intergroup Bookstore needs support in providing literature and AA related items to our member groups.

Volunteers are needed to help produce meeting schedules by stapling, cutting and folding printed sheets. As well as tending the bookstore, assisting with office duties.

Email officeadministrator@eastbayaa.org for more information.

Hospitals & Institutions

Northern California Hospital and Institution Committee

Carrying the message of AA to the alcoholic who is confined

Our Purpose: The only purpose of this committee is to carry the message of AA to alcoholics in Corrections and Treatment facilities and facilities serving alcoholics in Northern CA.

Newsletter Committee

Help get the word out by joining the newsletter team.

The East Bay Intergroup (EBI) Newsletter is published monthly and is produced and written by the newsletter committee and EBI members. The newsletter helps EBI carry the message of recovery to alcoholics by informing members of special events, service opportunities, EBI business, and other news of interest.


Members of AA protect their anonymity:

to protect the AA organization, their professional and private lives, the lives of other alcoholics, and most importantly, those seeking help with their drinking problem: the newcomer.

Your anonymity will be protected. AA does not keep information on their members nor track or record who contacts them.

For more information, visit our page on anonymity.

Service Statement

Responsibility of service activities is placed at the group’s level, and all service center activities are guided by the Twelve Traditions and the Groups’ will and conscience. Unity of purpose thought, and deed is of primary importance in all East Bay Intergroup actions.
The continued advancement of the A.A. Program through the performance of service work is the ultimate objective of the East Bay Intergroup Service members.

The First Helpline in the East Bay;
“In October 1941, 
Pauline G., nonalcoholic wife of AA member Ralph G. became the AA “Oakland Group ” Corresponding Secretary, she installed a telephone in her home, offering day and night service to AA members and the suffering Alcoholic”.

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