November 2022

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original events

Sober Singalong + Karaoke Party - Nov. 4, 6:30pm, Rockridge Fellowship, Oakland

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Have a fun and sober evening - no singing lessons required. Hit the 5:30 meeting beforehand, stay for Formal Fridays birthday meeting at 8pm, or do all three!

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Area Election Assembly - Nov. 5, Dublin and on Zoom

See the flyer for more information, including Zoom ID.

Gratitude Night - November 17, 6 - 9pm in Oakland

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This long-standing tradition is back! Enjoy an evening of fellowship and give thanks for all the gifts of sobriety. Come join us for a bake off to raise funds for East Bay Intergroup and stay for a special gratitude-themed speaker meeting.

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6 Tips to Stay Sober at Holiday Events

Negotiating holiday events, whether family gatherings or other parties where alcohol is served, can be tricky. Be prepared—here are some tips to avoid slips...

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Extra, Extra: Newsletter Team Member Service Profile

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by Nancy B.

As a marketing geek, I like to look at the stats and see which posts work best, how we're doing subscriber numbers-wise and how to get a better open rate. I also like reaching out to members to invite them...

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A.A. Trivia Quiz - November

What is described as the “number one offender” that “destroys more alcoholics than anything else” in the Big Book?
a) Dishonesty
b) Resentment
c) Fear
d) Delusion
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11th Step, Tradition and Concept

11th Step, Tradition and Concept
Tradition 11

Shot-in-the­-arm methods are not for us. No press agents, no promotional devices, no big names. The hazards are too great.

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Heard in a Meeting: A good meeting starts on time...

Heard in a Meeting: A good meeting starts on time and...
I told my wife A.A. was so popular that there were no openings for new members...

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November Intergroup Scoop

AA Newsletter
Notes from the Intergroup meeting held October 19:

• Budget approved for Special Events
• EBI group inventory set for December
• Presentation: ASL interpreted meetings
• 3rd Beginners meeting to meet Fridays 7pm

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