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Alcoholism Recovery Program
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I. What is the missing word of this sentence from the Big Book?

Lack of _______, that was our dilemma.

a) funds b) alcohol c) resolve d) power e) strength

Bonus points: What chapter is this sentence from? ____________

II. How does the Big Book describe the “hideous Four Horsemen”?

a) Horror, Regret, Confusion, Depression

b) Terror, Bewilderment, Frustration, Despair

c) Fear, Anger, Resentment, Dishonesty

d) Defects, Drunkenness, Impatience, Sloth

Bonus points: What chapter is this description from? _____________

III. How many subscribers does the Intergroup Scoop newletter have, as of the June issue?

a) 20 b) 200 c) 2,000 d) 609

If you think you know the answers, email us at newsletter@eastbayaa.org. The first 3 people to submit correct answers will be published in the July issue of the newsletter. Please include your city and home group. You may also email us to find out the answers.