24 Hour Helpline   510-839-8900 English       510-502-8560 Espanol      Helplines are staffed 24/7 by A.A. member volunteers who have solved their drinking problem.

Alcoholism Recovery Program
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East Bay Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous Central Office

Mailing Address:

4096 Piedmont Avenue Box 407 Oakland, CA 94611

Contact Us During Operating Hours:


Helpline: (510) 839 8900

Business Phone: (510)543-0196

Hard of Hearing:
Call 711 and request (510) 839-8900
Email:   info@eastbayaa.org

Office Staff:

Administrator: Lindsay P.
Email:  officeadministrator@eastbayaa.org
Phone: 510-543-0196 

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If you are a member of the professional community or are looking for public information about Alcoholics Anonymous, please complete our Information and Presentation Request Form.

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Our Helplines are voluntarily staffed 24/7 by AA members who have solved their drinking problem.

English:  510-839-8900

Spanish:  510-502-8560

Hard of Hearing: Call 711 and request (510) 839-8900


A.A. Big Book


A full inventory of AA published materials, medallions, selections from the Grapevine.

3989 Howe Street, Oakland, CA 94611

  • At the side entrance with the green door. Ring the doorbell to let us know you’re here!
  • Masks are required at this time

Bookstore Information (hours, prices, etc.)

Store Hours:

  • Wednesday 11 am to 2 pm
  • Saturday 11 am to 3 pm
Alcoholics Anonymous literature
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The primary purpose of East Bay Intergroup
is to help inform the greater community about AA and alcoholism so that those who need help can find recovery from alcoholism.
Eastbay Intergroup is an organization created and sustained by A.A groups in the San Francisco East Bay.

“In AA, we discover that it is impossible to give without receiving, or receive without giving.”

The First Helpline in the East Bay;
“In October 1941,

Pauline G., nonalcoholic wife of AA member Ralph G. became the AA “Oakland Group ” Corresponding Secretary, she installed a telephone in her home, offering day and night service to AA members and the suffering Alcoholic”.

Service statement.
Responsibility of service activities is placed at the group’s level, and all service center activities are guided by the Twelve Traditions and the Groups’ will and conscience. Unity of purpose, thought, and deed is of primary importance in all East Bay Intergroup actions.
The continued advancement of the AA Program through the performance of service work is the ultimate objective of the East Bay Intergroup Service members.