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Member Support Means the World to the Still Suffering Alcoholic...

A.A. Member Contributions

The AA groups themselves ought to be fully supported by the voluntary contributions of their own members.

We think that each group should soon achieve this ideal; that any public solicitation of funds using the name of Alcoholics Anonymous is highly dangerous, whether by groups, clubs, hospitals, or other outside agencies; that acceptance of large gifts from any source, or of contributions carrying any obligation whatever, is unwise. 

 Tradition Seven, Long Form

East Bay Intergroup, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your donation is tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Scroll to bottom of page for information on types of contributions.

The primary purpose of East Bay Intergroup is to help inform the greater community about AA and alcoholism so that those who need help can find recovery from alcoholism. 

East Bay Intergroup is an organization created and sustained by AA groups in the San Francisco East Bay.

Manual Contributions

Contribute with Check

Please mail your contribution to East Bay Intergroup, Inc. 4096 Piedmont Avenue Box 407 Oakland, CA 94611.

  • Make check payable to: East Bay Intergroup, Inc.
  • Mark check with: “donation” and also add group name/number if applicable.

Contribute with Cash

All cash must be hand delivered to East Bay Intergroup, Inc. located at 3989 Howe St., Oakland, CA 94611.

  • Do not send cash by mail.

Grateful Givers

One of the best ways you can help us carry the message is to become a member of the “Grateful Givers”. These are people who donate $5 or more each month to supporting our primary purpose around the greater East Bay Area. Grateful Givers donations can be set up on a monthly automatic charge on your debit or credit card.

East Bay Intergroup, Inc. is very appreciative of all donations. As Bill W. remarked, it’s not how much you give, but the fact that you do give to help support AA.

  1. Print Grateful Givers Form
  2. Fill Out
  3. Mail to 4096 Piedmont Avenue Box 407, Oakland, CA 94611

Digital Contributions - Step 1

Making an online contribution is a two step process. In keeping with AA’s Seventh Tradition of self-support, we accept contributions only from AA groups and members. By completing this short form before making your contribution you are helping to ensure Tradition 7 is honored.

Once you click “Submit” you will be taken to Step Two to make your contribution.

Eastbay Intergroup Contributions

Eastbay Intergroup Contributions

Step One: Who is Making the Contribution?

Suggested Contribution Breakdown

Group Contributions

East Bay Intergroup, Inc. accepts contributions from meetings, groups and clubs at the Intergroup Office. We accept checks, money orders, cashiers’ checks and cash. Please bring or mail your contributions to the address above. DO NOT MAIL CASH. Always clearly mark your contributions with the name of your meeting or group.

Individual Direct Gifts

East Bay Intergroup, Inc. works fully in accordance with A.A. Traditions. Donations are accepted ONLY from members of the Fellowship. We do not accept outside donations from non-members or from other organizations. Under AA guidelines, donations from individual members are limited to $5000 per year.

Birthday Club

Many members of the Fellowship choose to make a donation to show their gratitude to AA on their birthday. Typically, this is called becoming a member of the Birthday Club. Members donate a dollar or some multiple for each year of their sobriety annually. Birthday Club givers can set up an annual automatic payment on your debit or credit card.

New Advisory Action! Virtual Groups and Conference Participation

  1. The U.S./Canada General Service Structure recognize online groups and encourage their participation, listing those groups who ask to be listed within the group’s preferred district and area, with the default option being the location of the group’s primary contact. This supersedes the 1997 Advisory Action that designated online groups as “International Correspondence Meetings.” – 2022
  2. The General Service Board form a committee to explore future possibilities for the participation of online groups in the U.S./Canada General Service structure.

What is an Intergroup/Central Office