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Alcoholism Recovery Program

The first 3 people who submit correct answers will be published as winners in the February issue. Please submit your answers to: newsletter.eastbayaa@gmail.com

  1. What year was Alcoholics Anonymous founded?

a) 1939

b) 1940

c) 1935

d) 1950


  1. What change to the Preamble was voted in at the April 2021 General Service Conference, to replace the phrase, “a fellowship of men and women”?

a) “a fellowship of women and men”

b) “a fellowship”

c) “a fellowship of alcoholics”

d) “a fellowship of people”


3. What is the name of the fellow who poured milk into his whiskey in the Big Book?

a) Jim

b) Fred

c) Bill

d) The Jaywalker


  1. Which of the following is NOT an A.A. slogan/saying?

a) First things first

b) Just say no

c) 90 meetings in 90 days

d) One day at a time


  1. Who are the co-founders of A.A.?

a) Bill W and Mr. Bob

b) Bill and Doc Martin

c) Bill W and Dr. Bob

d) Ebby and Alcoholic #3