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Notes from the Intergroup Meeting held March 15, 2023

Does your group have an Intergroup Representative (IGR)? Be sure your group’s voice is being heard by electing an IGR and participating in the monthly Intergroup meeting.


February Financials: EBI took in approximately $10,292, which includes 7th tradition contributions and bookstore sales. After expenses, there is a net balance of $1,036. See February Financials.

Finance Committee: Board Treasurer Teddy B.-W. announced that the board is creating a Finance Committee to assist the Treasurer in planning a new budget, which includes reviewing and proposing a new amount for the prudent reserve. If you would like to serve or suggest a candidate, please contact Teddy at teddywitherington@me.com.

Spanish-language Pamphlets Will Be Donated: The Bookstore has an overstock on approximately 500 pamphlets in Spanish, which will be donated to meetings in South America.


Bookstore: Although funds were approved at the February meeting to replace the Bookstore computer, one was generously donated to the Bookstore by a member. We appreciate the hardware donations and IT support from several members, and everyone that volunteers and supports the Bookstore.

Intergroup Meeting Group Inventory: EBI Service Committee Chair Scott W. shared a list of questions, and members made suggestions. The Intergroup Reps will share the questions with their groups prior to the inventory. Stay tuned for when the inventory will occur, and how you can participate.

The next East Bay Intergroup meeting is Wednesday, April 19, at 7 pm.

Meeting ID: 826 4219 5246
Passcode: 065121