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Alcoholism Recovery Program
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East Bay Intergroup now has a WhatsApp Group.

Join our forum where we engage in discussions centered around AA Unity, Service, and Recovery in the Bay Area. Our mission is clear: to foster unity and community, supporting AA’s primary purpose.

🤝 As a collective, we encourage you to freely share valuable information such as Homegroup details, your favorite Bay Area meetings, Special Interest gatherings, Birthday celebrations, and upcoming events. This platform is open to all AA members, embracing a diverse community that shares a common dedication to recovery within Alcoholics Anonymous.

🌟 Our commitment is to maintain a focus on our singleness of purpose: carrying the message to those who are still suffering. We kindly ask that all comments and postings reflect this dedication, creating a supportive environment where the message of recovery takes center stage.

Come be a part of East Bay Intergroup – a hub for sharing, connecting, and amplifying the spirit of recovery in AA across the Bay Area. Together, let’s make a difference in the lives of those seeking solace and healing. 🌈🌟

WhatsApp for Alcoholics