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Intergroup Meeting Group Inventory Planned for Early 2023

Bookstore Will Now be Open Monday Nights

Host Groups Needed for First Friday Speaker Meeting

Beginners Meeting Needs Volunteers for New Friday Meeting

Here’s the latest on what’s happening at East Bay Intergroup:

Notes from the Intergroup meeting held November 16. Does your group have an Intergroup Representative (IGR)? Be sure your group’s voice is being heard by electing an IGR and participating in the monthly Intergroup meeting.


Intergroup Meeting Group Inventory Planned for Early 2023

After discussion on whether or not the IGRs are ready to hold an Intergroup inventory, East Bay Intergroup decided to have further discussion and hold the inventory in early 2023. There was concern that holding it in December was not only too soon, but would conflict with the election of officers.

Bookstore Will Now be Open Monday Nights

The EBI Board of Directors and Rockridge Fellowship have both approved the re-opening of the bookstore on Monday nights from 5-8 pm. Nicole, a new volunteer, has spearheaded the Monday night hours. They are looking for volunteers to fill up the Saturday hours. This is a great service opportunity. For more information contact Lindsay officeadministrator@eastbay.org

Host Groups Needed for First Friday Speaker Meeting

The First Friday Speaker Meeting, located at 8800 Fontaine St, Oakland, is looking for Host Groups. If your group is interested, contact Kriss R. at (510) 789-9246 or email 1stFridayBirthday@gmail.com

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Beginners Meeting Needs Volunteers for New Friday Meeting

A third Beginners’ Meeting is planned for Fridays at 7pm, but it still needs co-secretaries and Zoom host. This is great service; be there when the newcomer comes in. Please contact Liza H., the Beginners’ Chair, to take one of these commitments. Also, Liza is stepping down after more than two years of service. Please come to the EBI meeting in December to join in the election process and to make yourself available for this vital job.

Liza can be reached at beginnerschair@eastbay.org

October Financials

Group Contributions – Intergroup took in $4,884 in 7th tradition contributions for October. This brings the average per month year-to-date to $5,338. The average monthly contribution for 2021 was $5,171.

Profit and Loss October – There was a net profit in October of $247 with a net operating loss for the year of $2,524.

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Board of Directors Searching for Two New Members

Two Board Members will be rotating out of their positions at the end of the year: Tim C. in the Treasurer position and Claudia G. in the Secretary position. The board is looking for people with legal, financial or administrative experience with non-profits. If you would like to serve or nominate someone, please see the application here.

New WebsiteSame URL, new look and organization

Comments or questions may be directed to: webmaster@eastbayaa.org

Helpline and Chatline Open Shifts
There is an open Helpline phone shift on Thursday from 2am – 6am. This is a great opportunity to give back and be reminded of what it’s like to be the alcoholic who still suffers. Contact Paul D. for details at helpline@eastbayaa.org

There are three open shifts on the Chatline: Wednesday 10am – 2pm, Wednesday 2pm – 6pm, and Sunday 6pm – 10pm. If you can help out and grab one of these shifts, contact Zach O. at chatline@eastbayaa.org

The next East Bay Intergroup Meeting is Wednesday, December 21 at 7:00 pm.

Meeting ID: 826 4219 5246
Passcode: 065121