24 Hour Helpline   510-839-8900 English       510-502-8560 Espanol      Helplines are staffed 24/7 by A.A. member volunteers who have solved their drinking problem.

Alcoholism Recovery Program
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Open Position on Board of Directors

There is one opening on the EBI Board for the coming year. If you would like to apply or know someone to nominate, go to the application form.


The new Point of Sale system is working well, making transactions easier and faster. Lindsay P. is restocking medallions and will take advantage of Grapevine sale prices through the end of the year.

New Intergroup WhatsApp Group

The motion to create a WhatsApp group for East Bay Intergroup passed unanimously. Tim C., who had suggested the group, reported that 60% of the website traffic comes from mobile devices, with most people on their phones. WhatsApp is a better way to reach members. More to come on how to join.

Treasurer’s Report

Total income for October was $7,938, which included $5,300 in contributions. Total deductions, as anticipated, were $9,271, yielding a net deficit of $1,333. This was not entirely surprising since October is usually a light month for contributions. October Financials

Also Discussed

The next East Bay Intergroup meeting is Wednesday, December 20, at 7 pm.

Meeting ID: 826 4219 5246
Passcode: 065121

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