24 Hour Helpline   510-839-8900 English       510-502-8560 Espanol      Helplines are staffed 24/7 by A.A. member volunteers who have solved their drinking problem.

Alcoholism Recovery Program

Do you go to a variety of meetings, or are you willing to do so? The Newsletter Ambassadors will announce the newsletter and post the subscription link in at least 10 meetings.

If you like the newsletter, spread the word. We’d like to reach groups in all cities within the East Bay Intergroup service area.

If you are interested, contact us at newsletter@eastbayaa.org.  Or, just start announcing it at your meetings and if possible, let us know where you’ve announced it.

The link to post is https://eastbayaa.org/subscribe/

If you go to in-person meetings, the subscribe link is on eastbayaa.org, under A.A. Members / Newsletter.

No sobriety requirement for this position—perfect for newcomers and oldtimers alike.

Please check your meeting information for accuracy.
The meeting list is maintained by our special worker at
East Bay Intergroup.

The East Bay Intergroup meeting list is the source the Meeting Guide app relies on for the East Bay area.

The Meeting Guide app is maintained and updated by the voluntary efforts of AA members.

Meeting Guide App