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Open Position on Board of Directors

There will be one opening on the Board in the coming year. If you would like to apply or know someone to nominate, go to the application form.

Salary and Title Change for Office Administrator

There will be a salary adjustment for the Office Administrator, Lindsay P., and a proposed change in title to Operations Manager. Changing the name of the position will require an amendment to the bylaws; this will be discussed next month.

Intergroup Group Inventory

Scott W. reported that the Intergroup group inventory held on October 11 went well, and that most of the questions were discussed. A summary of the results will be ready soon.

Funding ASL Interpretation

There was further discussion on funding ASL interpretation for one existing meeting. A motion should be ready next month.

Proposed New WhatsApp Group

Tim C. volunteered to be the admin of an Intergroup WhatsApp group he made a proposal to start. This motion will voted on next month.

Prudent Reserve

Last month, the Finance Subcommittee advised that the prudent reserve be established at 6 months of expenses, which would be approximately $47,000, down from our current reserve of $55,000. After discussion, a motion was made that we establish a prudent reserve of 7 months expenses or $60,000, whichever is greater. The motion passed at the October meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Total income for September was $11,053.34, which included $6,499.93 in contributions. Total deductions were as anticipated, at $11,612.02, yielding a net deficit of $588.68. One extraordinary item was the $1,800 paid to Intuit. While contributions are down, so are expenses. We are closing the old set of accounting books and beginning new ones at the start of 2024. September Financials

The Finance Subcommittee has drafted the new budget for 2024. It will be presented at next month’s meeting.

The next East Bay Intergroup meeting is Wednesday, November 15, at 7 pm.

Meeting ID: 826 4219 5246
Passcode: 065121

Does your group have an Intergroup Representative (IGR)? Be sure your group’s voice is being heard by electing an IGR and participating in the monthly Intergroup meeting.