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Alcoholism Recovery Program

Service Profile: Zoom Host

From sweeping the floor to unlocking the virtual door — he was willing to do his small part.

By Jeremy S.

How did you hear about the position and what made you decide to take it?

I’ve almost always had a service position for in-person meetings, but didn’t feel comfortable with any of the service positions in the Zoom format. Due to a recent long-distance move, I decided to commit to 90 in 90 and found a Zoom Meeting that I really enjoyed. Of course, once I became a regular, I was nominated to host one of the daily meetings. I’m terrible with computers so I was a little skeptical of taking the position, but a big part of a sober life is overcoming self-doubt and learning how to step out of my comfort zone. I said yes.

What are the responsibilities of the position?

I typically open the meeting 15 minutes before the scheduled start time and start to admit members, keeping an eye out for anyone that might be there to disrupt the meeting. As the meeting settles in, I’ll post announcements, lower hands, mute people that forget to mute themselves, and continue to watch for any disruptions. A few of us will hang out after the meeting for 10-15 minutes to welcome newcomers, answer any questions, and fellowship.

What do you like most about it?

Hosting an A.A. meeting on Zoom really makes me feel like an important part of the group. In my first few months of recovery, I was too scared to speak at meetings. Although I couldn’t even muster up the courage to read “How It Works”, I could still sweep the floors. This was the beginning of “feeling a part of”.  I had my first official service position at six months, and knew I was doing my small part to help out. There’s a little more involved with hosting, but I get that same feeling that I’m continuing to do my small part to contribute to A.A., Rockridge and the East Bay Fellowship.

Have there been any opportunities for growth?

Absolutely. For me, this entire program is about growth. I feel like I’ve been growing a little bit every day since that first meeting when I admitted I was powerless over alcohol—that life had become unmanageable. I truly believe that if we continue to show up to meetings with the primary purpose of staying sober, we inevitably carry the message to the next alcoholic. I’ll keep coming back and I’ll do my best to continue to grow in this program. Service keeps me sober, one day at a time.

Jeremy S.’s home group is Rockridge Fellowship 10:30am meeting.

Ed. Note:  Jeremy served as host last term, and is currently hosting that same meeting and an additional meeting. He is also secretary for a third meeting. From fear of speaking at meetings to running the meeting—A.A. and service really does transform us.