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Alcoholism Recovery Program

Larry Jewell of the Houston Press

Early AA History

Early AA History Larry Jewell, Houston Press & Early AA Public Outreach THE FIRST “A.A.” PAMPHLET AS DERIVED FROM THE SERIES OF ARTICLES FROM THE HOUSTON PRESS The content inside this pamphlet includes the articles written by Larry Jewell, a newspaperman and AA member that sobered up in Ohio in December 1939 with the help […]

Singleness of Purpose-Bill W.

Bill Wilson AA cofounder

“Sobriety — freedom from alcohol —through the teaching and practice of the Twelve Steps, is the sole purpose of an A.A. group. Singleness of Purpose Sobriety — freedom from alcohol —through the teaching and practice of the Twelve Steps, is the sole purpose of an A.A. group. Groups have repeatedly tried other activities, and they […]

Dr. Carl Jung and Bill Wilson Letters

Dr. Carl Young and connections to AA

The letters between Bill W. and Dr. Carl Jung The following letter was written by Bill Wilson to the eminent Swiss psychologist & psychiatrist Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, dated 1/23/61.   Bill considered it a long overdue note of appreciation for Dr. Jung’s contribution to A.A.’s solution for alcoholism.   This story is referenced on page 26 […]

Sam Shoemaker-I stand By The Door

Sam Shoemaker, early AA.

Sam Shoemaker Shoemakers early influence on AA. Sam Shoemaker, an Episcopal clergyman, played a pivotal role in the early development of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Born on December 27, 1893, in Baltimore, Maryland, Shoemaker contributed significantly to the spiritual foundation of AA and the formation of its Twelve Steps.Shoemaker’s influence on AA can be traced back […]

Bill Wilson’s 1944 Alcoholics Anonymous holiday message

Bill Wilson’s 1944 Alcoholics Anonymous holiday message To all AA members, Greetings on our 10th Christmas, 1944. Yes, its’ in the air! The spirit of Christmas once more warms this poor distraught world.Over the whole globe millions are looking forward to that one day when strife can be forgotten, when it will be remembered that […]

Public Information-Marty Mann

Marty Mann. NCADD,

Mrs. Marty Mann Speaks Marty Mann: First Lady of Public Information ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS by MRS. MARTY MANN, New York, N.Y. Executive Director, National Committee for Education of Alcoholism, Sponsored by the Yale Plan for Alcohol Studies. Mr. Chairman, Members of the Economic Club of Detroit and that wider radio audience whom I cannot see: I […]

Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap Committees

Service in Action Bridging The Gap Bridging the Gap The local Bridging the Gap program, or BTG, connects new members being discharged from a facility to A.A. in their community. Clients can request contacts through the A.A. Temporary Contact/Bridging the Gap Request form. A.A. members can serve as A.A. Temporary Contact/Bridging the Gap Volunteers. Committee members: bring […]


WhatsApp for Alcoholics

East Bay Intergroup now has a WhatsApp Group. Join our forum where we engage in discussions centered around AA Unity, Service, and Recovery in the Bay Area. Our mission is clear: to foster unity and community, supporting AA’s primary purpose. 🤝 As a collective, we encourage you to freely share valuable information such as Homegroup […]

History of AA

AA Recovery

AA History Early AA History in the San Francisco Bay Area A History starting in 1941 for the East Bay and Alameda County Taken from page 67 of the history of the Bay Area.Assembled by Dean K. completed in 1984 after exhaustive research with the assistance of other AA members and records from GSO and […]

The New Grapevine App.

AA Grapevine App

The all-new AA Grapevine App. The Grapevine has been helping alcoholics find and share sobriety since 1944. The perfect introduction publication for institutions and public outreach. Android LinkApple Link