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Alcoholism Recovery Program

Sponsorship in Two Dimensions

by Bill M. One of the things I love about our program is the occasional, sometimes not-so-gentle, whack on the side of the head that tells me I’m stuck in old thinking. Not necessarily bad thinking, just stodgy traditionalism. I got one of those taps a while back and it opened my eyes and heart […]

East Bay Trudgers are Back! Hike on Sat. May 25th at 11AM, Wildcat Canyon

The East Bay Trudgers are back! This monthly hiking event offers another way to make friends and talk program in the great outdoors. Hikes are coed, dog friendly, and newcomer friendly. Our first hike will be May 25, 11 am, at Wildcat Canyon. Find ample parking at the Alvarado Staging Area, 5845 Park Avenue, Richmond, […]

Is It Time To Fire My Sponsor?

by Bill M. When is it ok to fire your sponsor? We all hear in meetings about sponsors who relapse or compromise anonymity or fail to return phone calls. Those are “bye-bye” no-brainers. But what about the more squishy “We’ve grown apart” types of reasons where there is no glaring “fault”? Or when your beliefs clash, […]

EBI Monthly Service Meetings – Open to All

Bridging the Gap (online) 2nd Thursday EBI Intergroup Business meeting (online) 3rd Wednesday General Service District 70, Alameda County South (hybrid) 4th Monday General Service District 07, Alameda County North (hybrid) 4th Wednesday General Service District 08, Contra Costa County (hybrid) 1st Tuesday H & I (Hospitals and Institutions) (online) 1st Wednesday