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Alcoholism Recovery Program
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Is It Time To Fire My Sponsor?

by Bill M. When is it ok to fire your sponsor? We all hear in meetings about sponsors who relapse or compromise anonymity or fail to return phone calls. Those are “bye-bye” no-brainers. But what about the more squishy “We’ve grown apart” types of reasons where there is no glaring “fault”? Or when your beliefs clash, […]

EBI Monthly Service Meetings – Open to All

H & I (Hospitals and Institutions) (online) 1st Wednesday – Beginners Orientation Meeting @ 6:30 – 7:15 pm, Business Meeting @ 7:30 pm – Zoom Meeting ID: 317 259 5765 Passcode: ACTION  Bridging the Gap (online) 2nd Thursday – Meeting @ 7:30 pm – Zoom Meeting ID 898 0592 4119 Passcode 576335 EBI Intergroup Business meeting (online) 3rd Wednesday – Business […]

Mini History of the Responsibility Statement

The Declaration was written for the occasion of the 1965 A.A. International Convention by Al S. Printed on wallet cards and in many A.A. pamphlets ever since, it has been quoted and recited innumerable times. Attempts have been made at least twice at General Service Conferences to change the wording of the Declaration to make […]

Heard in a Meeting: When I finally asked my parents for help to go to rehab…

When I finally asked my parents for help to go to rehab, they said they couldn’t, because I had stolen every cent from their bank account. [Talking about character defects]: A different flavor, but same ice cream shop. All my bottoms had trap doors I kept on falling through. I did not pandemic well. Don’t […]