Here’s the latest on what’s happening at East Bay Intergroup:


Intergroup took in $56,842.91 in 7th tradition contributions from January through mid-August of this year. See how your group stacks up:  

Group Contributions Jan – August 2021

Group Contributions 2020

Intergroup ended up with a net profit of $15,961.73 for July, thanks to the PPP loan. January – June nets out to a loss. See more here:

Profit and Loss Statements

Lease dispute

Lawyers representing both sides are meeting before a judge on October 24 for a case management conference. They will discuss the possibility of a settlement. 

PPP loan forgiven

Last month we reported that it may take up to 90 days for the PPP loan of $13,750 to be forgiven. Office administrator Belle K. reports that it has already been forgiven this month.


East Bay Intergroup Service Opportunities

The EBI Newsletter needs you!

A unique service opportunity—time for something different? You will work collaboratively in a team to produce the monthly newsletter. Find more info here.

 **Contact us at if you are interested. **

NEW – Chatline volunteers are needed 

Volunteers are needed for all shifts, especially Sunday 2-6 pm. If you’d like to volunteer for the Chatline, email Chatline Coordinator Zach at

Hotline volunteers are also needed, especially Wednesday and Thursday 2 am – 6 am. If you would like to volunteer for a shift on the A.A. Hotline, contact Ipeleng at

Sponsors Needed for Inmates at San Quentin Prison (Men Only)

Men with 5 years of sobriety who are interested in sponsoring an inmate at San Quentin are needed. Please call Max V. at 510-461-6611.

Special Events Chair Needed

Special Events Chair (Board position) – Plan and present Special Events that include Town Halls, Service Workshops, Trivia Games—your ideas welcome! One year commitment. Find out more here:

Bridging the Gap

BTG helps  alcoholics leaving institutions transition into A.A.  on the “outside”. Contact 

There are many opportunities for unique service positions at East Bay Intergroup. Full details here: