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Alcoholism Recovery Program
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EBI Chair


Facilitates the monthly EBI Business Meeting and the monthly EBI Committee Chairs’ Meeting.


The EBI Chair facilitates the monthly EBI Business Meeting (Third Wednesday of every month at 7pm).


The EBI Chair prepares and moderates the agenda for the monthly EBI Business Meeting.  The EBI Chair prepares and moderates the agenda and the minutes for the monthly EBI Committee Chairs’ meeting. The EBI Chair also works on EBI projects to improve cohesive interaction and communication between EBI and the A.A. Group Members in Districts 07/70.

If you’re interested in this service position, email our EBI Chair at chair@eastbayaa.or

By our Twelve Steps we have recovered, by our Twelve Traditions we have unified, and through our Third Legacy -- Service -- we shall carry the AA message down through the corridors of time to come.

Encourage your Homegroup to elect an Alternate Intergroup Representative who can attend the monthly meeting in your absence and also become familiar enough to stand for the next panel.

IGRs are expected to serve as a connection between EBI and their Group. They should bring suggestions, feedback, and questions from their Group to EBI. They should also take feedback, questions, and announcements from EBI back to their Groups.

Each IGR actively participates in the discussion and decisions of matters at the Monthly or any Special Meetings of EBI.

Take notes at the East Bay Intergroup Business Meeting and provide a written report for your Homegroup. Coordinate time with your Homegroup secretary for a few minutes during the Homegroups Business Meeting to provide an objective report of what occurred at the last East Bay Intergroup Business Meeting. The goal is obtain your Group Conscience on the various issues and relay that information during the next East Bay Intergroup Business Meeting.

East Bay Intergroup operates under a set of guidelines called the By Laws. There is a copy of the By Laws online. You should read it and be familiar with its provisions.

Recruit members of your group for service on East Bay Intergroup committees or as an East Bay Central Office Volunteer for service positions.

Make sure that your Homegroup’s information is correct on the hard-copy meeting schedule, and the website at Eastbayaa.org. Confirm the Central Office has the name, address, phone and email of your group’s primary contact and group treasurer. In addition, we ask that your group primary contact or IGR notify the East Bay Central Office regarding any changes to your meeting by emailing Centraloffice@eastbayaa.org or filling out the Meeting Update Form.